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The Future of Cities

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The Future of Cities

Every week in the world, an additional million people settle in the city. At this rate, 70% of human beings will be urban by 2050. But what will the city of tomorrow look like? What will be the major societal, political, economic and environmental issues?

By 2050, 80% of the world’s population will reside in the city. By then, its number will have increased by 3 billion, bringing to 9 billion the total number of mouths to feed. 10 billion hectares of land will have to be cultivated to meet global food needs. Whereas today 80% of the usable area is already used, there is the question of the viability of the current agricultural model.

Speed ​​Farming 2050 is a management game of a vertical farm to understand and sensitize to the development of new technologies to make the urban habitat sustainable.

The objective of the game is to manage a vertical farm and harvest enough food to meet the demand of the inhabitants. The basic principle is to collect the commodities in time while managing the resources needed for production.

The concept of Vertical Farming is not that of the horizontal expansion of agriculture, but of its vertical expansion by forbidding the use of traditional soil-destroying chemistry to replace it with that hydroponic Agriculture.

Speedfarming 2050, the game !

If you wanna play, it’s here : In French 😉


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